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Kevin Pham

KideoPlayer is a useful program for kids which not only helps them learn English but also makes them feel relax after tense classes with a host of funny cartoons.

After tense studying classes, kids often ask parents to let them see cartoons, listen to music. However, adults sometimes unconsciously just turn on the computer and forget that the Internet, particularly video sharing websites like Youtube contain the videos which are not always suitable for kids.

To help kids have a healthy and useful entertaining environment, users often come to KedeoPlayer. This is an interactive program provided by Youtube to help kids easily access to education and entertainment contents that are suitable for their age.

KideoPlayer does not possess too many advanced features, in stead, it has an extremely straightforward and easy-to-use interface for kids. The program is designed with an open space make it friendly to kids.

KideoPlayer does not require any rights to access and all the videos are changed continuously by pressing on Space button on the keyboard. All you have to do is to access to the website to guide the kids and watch them or do other work without worrying that they may accidentally access to an unhealthy video.

Access to the main interface of KideoPlayer, you can easily see two buttons on the right of the window:
- Just for Moms : to watch educational videos, lessons about animals, etc. for kids.
- Most Popular : contain the most popular videos in such categories as news, daily activities, and a lot of English songs.

Main features of KideoPlayer:

- Share useful lessons to help kids relief stress after studying.

- Have a straightforward and object-oriented design: every kid can use the program with Space button.

- Have two buttons: distinguish from Just for Moms Button which contains useful lessons and Most Popular which contains cartoon and English songs.

Updated date: 06/15/2014

Free Download KideoPlayer
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