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Kevin Pham

Kruptos 2 is a software that encrypt your files and folders by passwords. This software is equipped with specialized encryption features to help you protect your data from gaze of the around people.

Kruptos 2 was developed to meet the security needs of users for data stored on their hard drives and especially USB because it is handy and compact. This software uses 256bit encryption algorithm which has been certified as a strong one and compatible with any file formats from text to images, audio, video, etc. Kruptos 2 is most useful for users who store their data on USB and frequently move to connect with many different computers since the risk of data loss is high. When you want to open or edit your protected data, you can simply double click the file to open it, then Kruptos 2 will perform the encoding proceed immediately if there is a change in the file.

Kruptos 2’s interface is intuitive and easy to use, just drag and drop any files into the application window, then this software will perform the encryption and you will be able to set passwords for those files. The files encrypted by Kruptos 2 can only be decrypted by this software, so you can be assured that even if your USB is loss, no one could open your data.

Main features of Kruptos 2:

-    Possess strong AES 256bit algorithm
-    Compatible with any file formats from text to images, audio, video, etc.
-    Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
-    Support drag and drop files or folder into the application window
-    Compact and easy to install and carry, suitable for using with USB.

Updated date: 10/08/2013

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