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LiteManager Pro is a specialized program that helps user control and monitor computers from another computer. The program has a variety of display modes, it also provides information of computer’s status, and manages mouse and keyboard, ect.

LiteManager Pro provides an effective solution to control user’s computer from another computer remotely. The program consists of two separate parts which are appropriate for specific task: LiteManager Viewer client module for computer of administrators and LiteManager Server module is installed on the remote server. Users can easily use mouse and keyboard to control screen of other computers.

LiteManager Pro can add any computer to the list of controlled IP addresses with a password for LiteManager Server. The ability to display the computer screen of the program is very flexible, it can change it’s positions and style, for example a thumbnail that can be minimized, an icon or a table. Users can easily select different sizes to match other running window.

LiteManager Pro displays different status of the computer, including online status, not found status or locked status, depending on the status of the controlled computer. Other information about happening activities on user’s computer is also provided clearly.

The main features of LiteManager Pro:

- Control remote computer by another computer.
- Two parts with separate tasks.
- The ability to display the computer screen of the program is very flexible.
- Provide information and status of computers.

Updated date: 02/26/2014

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