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Kevin Pham

Magentic is a tool which offers you a huge collection of beautiful and unique wallpapers.

Magentic provides the feature to decorate your desktop with beautiful wallpapers. This is a small but powerful tool developed by IncrediMail, which helps you make your desktop more lively.

Magentic automatically changes your desktop with different, impressive animated wallpapers. Moreover, Magentic offers a huge collection of wallpapers with high image quality for you to choose as your favorite wallpapers.

Magentic also automatically updates its collection to provide more options for user. Moreover, it is designed with a clear user interface with all main features displayed in window, which allows user to easily interact and use them.

In other words, Magentic is a useful utility which provides users with an enormous collection of wallpapers to decorate their desktop.

Main features of Magentic:

- Change desktop wallpaper effectively
- Provide a huge collection of high quality wallpapers to fit your style.
 - Automatically update wallpaper collection

Updated date: 11/19/2013

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