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Download Magic Camera - Create virtual Webcam with catchy effects on computer


Magic Camera can provide lots of effects for integrated Webcam, support to create a virtual Webcam on the personal computer with lots of unique images, record videos and take photos directly on the computer.

Magic Camera allows users to add dynamic effects and unique images to beautify and animate your Webcam. It also supports popular chat applications like MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, AIM, ICQ, Camfrog Video Chat, Skype, etc. to make conversations more joyful and interesting.

Magic Camera also provides users unique tools and features so that they can experience and use virtual Webcam on the computer with diverse effects. The ability to record videos and take photos helps you interact with friends easily.

Magic Camera supports so many effects belonging to different categories so that you can add to the background to animate the recording videos and taken photos. Captured images together with accompanied frames and effects will be automatically saved into the memory.

Key features of Magic Camera:

- Provide diverse effects for webcam.

Magic Camera provides hundreds of different effects like teddy bears, flowers, sky, falling snowflake, running words, etc. when you are chatting with friends. You can insert effects into Videos directly to make your conversation more funny. The software also archives different frames and effects so that you can insert into chat video clips as well as change the background color for webcam.

- Create a virtual Camera on the computer.

If your system does not install a webcam, this software will support you to create a virtual webcam in order to record your images as a real camcorder. With this function, users can record webcam or activities on the screeen, then encrypt them into video files (FLV) so that you save and playback them by programs on Windows.

- Customize Webcam easily.

When a virtual webcam is created from Magic Camera, users are allowed to adjust the size and frame rate, volume of the chat sound.

- Share the desktop screen or windows.

With Magic Camera, users have the right to share the screen with friends by sending or creating a direct screen. With this unique feature, you can share document, show guidance by images on the video chat application.

- Capture the screen and display photos as slideshow.

Magic Camera also features to take photos directly from the webcam screen and save them in different image formats with animating effects. Users can aslo create Slideshows to display photos.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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