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Download Snow Desktop - Creating snowfall on the desktop’s screen.


Marto Desktop Snow is an application which brings users with original tools for creating snowfall on the desktop in a simple and a fast manner.

Marto Desktop Snow can create snowfall right on your computer’s desktop after being downloaded to the computer. Users do not need to install or carry out any manipulation to attain this incredible snowfall scene. It can be seen that the program is very simple-to-use for all types of users.

With Marto Desktop Snow, you are also supported with the feature of hiding the desktop’s icons so that snow can fall on the entire screen as well as ensure a high aesthetics of images. You can use this mode when you are not working or are playing music to enjoy this unique wallpaper.

Besides, Marto Desktop Snow also allows you to proactively turn on or turn off the snowfall mechanism with just a right click. The program supports users with Exit tool so that you can exit from the program quickly and bring the desktop’s screen to the normal state.

Key features of Marto Desktop Snow:

- Support snowfall effect on the computer right after it is downloaded.
- Require no installation.
- Allow users to hide icon on the desktop screen.
- Allow turning on or turning off applications proactively.
- Be completely easy-to-use and safe for the system.

Updated date: 02/26/2014

Free Download Snow Desktop
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