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Download Mask Surf Standard - Hiding IP address when surfing web.


Surfing web by using a certain tool which can hide your IP address is a form of security selected by many people. Besides concealing IP address, Mask Surf Standard can also launch fake IP addresses to deceive all curious eyes of hackers.

Mask Surf Standard is a tool used for web surfing, which can hide your IP address – a form of security favored by many people at present.

In addition to hiding IP address, Mask Surf Standard can also launch fake IP addresses to deceive all the curious eyes of hackers so as to protect your IP address well.
Mask Surf Standard is compatible with many common web browsers at present such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Mozilla, etc. It can penetrate into the “Settings” system to create favorable conditions for users to set up their own web-surfing mode. This is considered as a method to manage multiple web browsers by an only tool.
After being installed successfully, Mask Surf Standard will require you to tick on your currently-used web browsers such as Firefox, Opeara or Mozilla. When being operated, the program will be displayed under the symbol of a mask on the clock tray.
Key features of Mask Surf Standard:

- Be able to hide your IP address.
- Be capable of launching fake IP addresses to deceive the curious eyes of hackers.
- Be compatible with a number of the most prevalent web browsers at present.
- Be able to penetrate into “Settings” system of each type of browser.

Updated date: 02/26/2014

Download Mask Surf Standard
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