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Kevin Pham

MaskMe-for-Firefox is an Add-on on Firefox designed to prevent the third party services which searches and steals your personal information. With this software, important data like phone number, email will be absolutely protected and become invisible for followers.

MaskMe-for-Firefox creates completely new sign in accounts including username and password, credit card number, phone number to alternate the real information through Proxy. The software helps you create the entrance to access a service on the browser by creating a new email and password for that process.

The MaskMe-for-Firefox will secure your important information such as phone number, credit card which you often use to make online purchase by creating fake numbers. Then, the real account will be subtracted through this masked account. Hence, no spyware can know your personal data.

MaskMe-for-Firefox allows you to create a new email account to sign in the application. You just need remember the only key password and the tool will do the rest. The virtual email will send all information about your real email. Hence, you will receive all information you want. In case, this email is spammed or in the less safe situation, you can remove it just with a simple manipulation.

Key features of MaskMe-for-Firefox:

- Keep the users` personal information in safe.

MaskMe-for-Firefox supports users to protect information about email account, phone number, credit card number by creating masked data to perfom similar functions as the orginal. Thereby, you will completely avoid the Spam mail or annoying from switchboards or stealing the bank credit card from computer spies. With the smart security technology, this software helps you save a lot of time and efforts when conducting transactions by information automatically provided by the application.

- Create and save password.

You frequently must use and remember various passwords to access computers and different Websites on browsers. The information is saved on the available memory of the system. Thus, these information can be discovered and stolen easily. With MaskMe-for-Firefox, you do not have to concern about remembering these passwords. The application will create a safe password to sign in all services. In addition, the application will automatically remember and fill the password whenever you return to the web.

- Save the account.

when you create a virtual account, MaskMe will archive it safely in local on your computer. Hence, you can quickly find it when you need.

- Synchronize the data.

MaskMe-for-Firefox can synchronize to exchange the data between your computer and other portable devices. As a result, users can access your data wherever you are.

Updated date: 02/26/2014

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