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McAfee Avert Stinger applies the most powerful antivirus technologies to search, detect and quickly remove many dangerous viruses, protect your system.

McAfee Avert Stinger performs a full-scan on your computer including drives, partitions, folders or specific files to detect viruses and many malicious factors. This tool can find out more than 40 types of virus, Trojan and malware. On some operating system, this tool allows auto-backup files to create data backup.

McAfee Avert Stinger provides a detailed report on a list of detected virus after scanning and the infected files and folders. Besides that, this application supports monitoring the running services, suggests the harmful processes and kill them. The program also optimizes many functions of the OS in order to increase the computer performance.

McAfee Avert Stinger has a compact size. Its functions are clearly arranged with flexible options. Especially, this tool can be distributed as a single file and run directly. It is useful in case of serious problem like the virus prevent the installation of security software.

Main features of McAfee Avert Stinger:

- Find and remove many types of viruses
- Provide detailed report on detected viruses and infected files
- Auto-backup data
- Control running services on the system
- Do not require installation, easy to use.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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