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Kevin Pham

MetaCafe is a program which processes funny video clips and games and help users relief stress after tense working and studying.

MetaCafe comprises of funny clips and excellent videos of different topics such as music, movies, sports, games, television, etc.

In order to use MetaCafe, you have to download and install the free program. After finishing the installation, MetaCafe icon will be displayed and you just need to click on the icon to use on the internet.

MetaCafe is compatible with Win XP/VIsta, and IE 6.0 upwards, Chrome, FireFoex, Opera, etc.

From the first days, MetaCafe also had the same contents as other video sharing websites such as Youtube,, Dailymotion, etc. However, there are so many video sharing websites like them, so in order to enhance the competition as well as create the distinguished features, MetaCafe gradually changes to focus on sharing funny clips. Therefore, it has become the destination for internet users from all over the world who want to relief stress.

Key partners of the company is the leading content providers such as big film studio, online game publishers, famous media companies, music companies, and entertainment and sport channels.

You can find any clips that you want or just view all clips displayed when you access to the website. Every clips here will satisfy you and MetaCafe will become the website that users will visit daily to relief stress after a tense working and studying day.

All brands in entertainment, telecommunication, food and beverage, automobile, motorbike, etc. will be advertised the best by Website publishers.

Main features of MetaCafe:

- Be compatible with Windows operating systems and browsers such as IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera.

- Share funny clips in all fields.

- Be easy to access anytime from MetaCafe icon after installation.

Updated date: 06/15/2014

Free Download Metacafe
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