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Microsoft .NET framework 2.0 is the supporting platform to run the applications mostly on Windows operating system. .Net framework 2.0 helps applications run on .NET platform more smoothly and seamlessly.

.NET framework 2.0 is the programming environment for Microsoft Windows.  Besides, .NET  framework 2.0 is also the platform to deploy the applications on Windows.  NET framework 2.0 is developed basing on the common languages and big programming libraries to build the programs.  The application developed on .NET framework 2.0 platform will be deployed in the software environment.

After being installed to the computer, .NET framework 2.0 will act as a virtual environment for applications, network communication, database connection; therefore, web-based applications and data structure will perform better.

.NET framework 2.0 can work well on all operating systems of Microsoft Windows, even Windows 64bit. This software after being installed will automatically set the parameters to fit the current system configuration.  At present, .NET framework 2.0 has just released the latest version with some new features to protect and support the latest Windows version.

Main features of .NET framework 2.0

- Support programming and developing applications:

.NET framework 2.0 is one of the supporting tools for programming software.  After the installation, .NET framework 2.0 will provide huge programming library, support developing applications such as programming interface, accessing and connecting database, web-based applications, algorithm, data structure, network communication, etc.

- Optimize application programming and developing :

Not only a supporting tool, .NET framework 2.0 also helps programmers simplify the programming by providing built-in components.  You only have to learn how to use it and combine these components together basing on your creativity.  This help you save much time to create the best applications.

- Be compatible with lots of software and Windows:

.NET framework 2.0 is compatible with and work in parallel with other tools for programming such as ASP.NET, Delphi, Java, etc.  .NET framework 2.0 is absolutely compatible with Windows, so there will never be any errors when using this software for Windows.  This software will only work when you run and perform programming languages.  After you finish the programming, the software will automatically exit.

- Multilingual support:

.NET framework 2.0 supports the most popular languages such as English, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Greek, etc. without installing any additional language package.  Therefore, programmer can easily use and program applications in different languages.  In addition, during the installation all the messages are displayed in default English language.

- Easy to install and upgrade:

.NET framework 2.0 is very easy to be installed. You just have to download he software from the internet, it will automatically set up to perform the best in you system.  Furthermore, this software also integrates updating feature to Windows Update. Whenever there is a new version of .NET framework 2.0, the system will send a notice in Windows Update. User only have to click on update button to download the update. The software can also automatically upgrade without asking for user's permission.

Updated date: 07/03/2014

Free Download Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
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