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Microsoft Office 2003 is an application suite which allows users to create documents, spreadsheets, presentation, database, etc. It also offers a giant email store.

Microsoft Office 2003 is an office suite which offers such main features as creating documents, spreadsheet, presentations, database for web designing, and offering a huge store for emails and many other features. MS Office is considered the most popular document composing software now.

Microsoft Office 2003 comprises of various applications with different features such as MS Word (document composing software), MS Excel (create spreadsheet) MS PowerPoint (Create presentation), MS Access (create database), MS Outlook (send and archive email), MS InfoPath (develop XML code), etc. Each application is installed separately, so you can select the applications suitable the most for your work instead of installing all of them.

Each application in Microsoft Office 2003 comes with lots of built-in features such as enabling you to create new documents, edit existing documents, add images, insert effect, videos, audios, graphic, etc. which are really useful for office work.

Main features of Microsoft Office 2003:

- Compose documents more easily:

Microsoft Office 2003 provides MS Word which enables you to compose such documents as contract, studying syllabus, and documents related to different works.

The control bar in Word includes such feature as changing font size, text color, text size, text style (italic, bold, underlined), inserting images, graphic, multimedia effects like videos, audio, etc. In addition, you can also customize the settings such as alignment, creating table, column, watermark, zooming in, zooming out, and many more.

All the features of Microsoft Office 2003 are arranged clearly in separated menu and folders so you can easily find and work with the documents. All the documents composed by Microsoft Office 2003 will have DOC format.

- Work with spreadsheet:

MS Excel is one application in Microsoft Office 2003 Suite which is dedicated to create spreadsheet. It comprises of various cells created by rows and columns. You just need to enter the data and formula, the program will send back the most accurate results. If the formula or functions are incorrect, Excel will not send back the results and notify you about the errors.

Excel is suitable for accountants and those who have to work with numbers and calculation. Thanks to this application, your work will become much more easier. The format for Excel documents are XLS.

- Create presentations:

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 is the application which allows you to create presentations and speeches with plenty of eye-catching transition effects. With this application, you can type and format the font style, insert graphical images, traditional images, video clips, and audio to make your presentation more vivid. The program allows you to zoom in or zoom out the slideshow just in a few simple clicks.

These slideshows can be used in meetings, conferences, or big conference rooms. With these features, you can highlight the main idea of the presentation to help viewers track the right topic. All presentations are saved as PPT format.

- Manage Email:

MS Outlook helps you manage all your incoming emails. Thanks to this application,you will never miss any messages, email, or important notifications. The toolbar of Outlook can be used to open any Email and notification rapidly. All the emails are saved in EML formats.

Outlook can be used to get the latest update of friends, family in your social network contacts such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.

Many other features such as

- Have high security:

The security in Microsoft Office 2003 is improved remarkably. It not only prevents other from viewing or editing your documents but also offers you other protection features as creating signature, marking the end of the page, etc

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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