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Microsoft Office 2013 is designed and developed to provide a perfect office application for the operating system Windows 8. Microsoft Office 2013 is expected to brings to users better use, even in touch devices.

Microsoft Office 2013 is a widely used office suite by Microsoft. Microsoft Office 2013 provides users with a completely new office tool integrated with lots of unprecedented features.

Particularly, Microsoft Office 2013 is developed to work well on either personal computer or touch screen devices such as tablets, laptop, etc. Microsoft Office 2013 support multi-point touch screen.  You can either use this software with stylus or your fingers.

If you get bored of touch version, you can turn to the traditional version by pressing the Touch Mode button on Microsoft Office 2013 which is integrated when you download this software to help you change to work with tablet without difficulties.

In addition, you canalso use files stored on SkyDriv (cloud computing service developed by Microsoft) Moreover, Microsoft Office 2013 also allows users to read and edit PDF documents without any help from other software.  This helps save much time and cost for users.

Microsoft Office Word 2013 also integrates the feature Resume Reading which helps you restore the text that you are reading. Microsoft Office Excel 2013 also has Flash Fill feature to automatically update and apply the formula for the other parts. Microsoft Office Powerpoint 2013 updates Presenter View feature. You can customize the slides on your own way.

New features of Microsoft Office 2013:

- Support touch screen:

Microsoft Office 2013 works well on touch screen devices.  Users can switch between normal mode and touch screen mode very easily.  Microsoft Office 2013 supports both stylus and finger touch.

- Have a straightforward and easy-to-use interface

In stead of an over-decorated interface like in the previous version,  Microsoft Office 2013 provides users a pretty straightforward and clear interface.  All the applications such as Word, Excel, Power Point are integrated in a single window.  You just have to open the software and select the tool that you want to use.

- Combine with cloud storage service SkyDrive:

Microsoft Office 2013 is integrated completely with the cloud computing service SkyDrive.  This allows users to upload their documents to SKyDrive. With this support, you can edit document anywhere and anytime in personal computer, smartphone, or laptop.  The edited contents will be synchronized in SkyDrive.

- Support users in editing and converting PDF format:
If PDF is always a hard question for the previous versions, it is completely different in this new version of Microsoft Office.   You can open a PDF file and edit it as a normal Word, Excel, or Powerpoint document.  Beside editing PDF files, Microsoft Office 2013 also enables users to convert PDF files into Word, Excel, and PowerPoint formats, etc.

- Integrate with Skype:

You can compose documents with Microsoft Office 2013 while chatting with friends and colleagues.  This helps you save much time and effort because you do not have to open several windows and switch between them.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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