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Minimap Sidebar is a built-in tool on firefox that helps users find information, geographical location of a place, a country easily.

Minimap Sidebar is the utility developed for Mozilla firefox. Minimap Sidebar gives you a map based on Google Maps. Also, Minimap Sidebar also integrates mapping tools for web browser to help users build and work with web.

Minimap Sidebar has simple operating mechanism, you just have to drag and drop addresses or links you find on webpage to view their locations on Sidebar. You can also add locations

manually. Minimap Sidebar allows users to preview address in any web page by using Panel map and Tab maps for larger map. In addition, users can view information relating to land or location shown on the map, for example traffic, population density, ect. Furthermore, the extension also has handy tools that allow you to set your house’s address in the extension, and easily get directions to any address that you find online.

Noticeable features of Minimap Sidebar:

- Locate file’s position on the map.
- Automatically upgrade.
- Support people with poor eyesight.
- Support several common language.
- Support a variety of other tools.
- Integrate popular maps such as Google Maps, Bing, Apple.

Updated date: 12/02/2013

Free Download Minimap Sidebar
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