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MKV Player is the program which supports users watching high quality MKV videos without any installation of video decryption or supporting codecs.

MKV Player is a professional tool for watching and editing MKV files at high speed and quality.  With this program, you do not need to install any other video decoding or supporting software.

MKV Player is a comprehensive tool which helps users play videos of different formats on computer, from the internet, DVD, blue-ray.

With MKV Player, you can customize the modes for watching videos such as playing multiple videos at the same time, pausing, replaying, changing, capturing the screen, or viewing full screen.  In addition, this software also adds subtitle automatically to help users enjoy their movies in the most comfortable way.

Main features of MKV Player

- Watch videos professionally:

MKV Player is an effective application to play MKV files easily and quickly.  In addition, this program can also find and play video automatically from the long list of videos in  your system.

- Create video list in personal style:

If you have a collection with plenty of videos and you want to sort them into different libraries basing on their themes, this software can help you create unique video lists and edit them in your own way.  You can also save video files wherever you want in your computer without any support from other software.

- Have flexible Video player modes:

This software can import multiple files to the list.  While watching video, users can pause the running file and move to the next videos, or replay the previous video in full screen or compact view.

- Add or remove videos:

With the list of existing or running videos, users can add one or more videos into the favorite list or remove them from the list.

- Capture the screen:

MKV Player can capture the screen of the running video very rapidly and easily with the best quality images.  Users can save the impressive and unique scenes from the movies thanks to this program.

- Support a wide range of Video formats.

This program support a wide range of Video formats such as MKV, AVI, MPEG, WMV. DivX, MP4, XviD, 3GP, FLV, etc.

- Enhance the Video quality:

With this application, users can adjust the parameters and the current properties of the video such as resizing the frame, increase the brightness, contrast, and the color, etc. to satisfy personal hobbies.

- Support adjusting subtitles:
This program also has a unique feature. It allows users to set and adjust flexibly the subtitle modes such as changing the speed of subtitle, breaking lines for long sentences, or changing font size to avoid affecting the space for the movie.

- Have straightforward and easy-to-use interface

Compared to other software, MKV Player is very easy-to-use without complicated installation or supporting codecs for a new movie format. This software is also quite lightweight and works on most of popular versions of Windows.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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