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Mobipocket Reader Desktop enables users to read files in PRC, PDB, etc. in case you do not have PocketPC to open these files. This program supports viewing Ebooks perfectly thanks to the ability to zoom in/out, connect to the online library, etc.

Mobipocket Reader Desktop helps users view Ebooks in PRC format professionally through functions like changing font, color, looking up dictionary when reading, bookmark, rolling pages automatically when viewing, etc. This is a flexible Ebook viewer with the ability to zoom in/out, edit, annotate, bookmark, etc.

Mobipocket Reader Desktop also helps you connect and search documents online, connect to online libraries for PDA or receive RSS feeds. In addition, this application supports readings documents in popular formats like DOC, PPT, PDF, TXT, HTM or XLS. Users can look up every dictionary available on their computer

Mobipocket Reader Desktop allows synchronizing the book store on your computer with portable devices like Blackberry, Nokia or Sony-Ericsson. It also allows viewing books in multiple columns and supports many methods to arrange the library and connect to Ebook stores.

Main features of Mobipocket Reader Desktop:

- Read e-books in PRC or PDB formats on your computer
- Support the flexible view mode, allow zooming in/out documents
- Read text formats on your computer
- Search documents online
- Look up every dictionary on the computer
- Connect to Ebook stores


Updated date: 04/22/2014

Free Download Mobipocket Reader Desktop
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