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Moo0 FileShredder helps you completely remove hard drive’s data without being able to recovering any software. It is a useful security tool for your PC.

Your hard drive is still working well, however, for some reasons you want to completely erase data on hard drive that are no longer used to avoid the risk of being leaked out. Moo0 FileShredder will help you do this quickly and safely, because it offers a feature of removing data on your hard drive without being able to recovering any software.

Moo0 FileShredder has a simple and easy to use interface even for those who have little experienced on computer. To use the tool, you just need to drag and drop files and folders you want to delete to the program’s window. Within a few steps, you can use Moo0 FileShredder to remove completely data on hard drive that will not be recovered anymore.

Moo0 FileShredder operates independently with operating system, file system and partition. Especially, it is designed with 4 different levels to remove data on hard drive. It also has an extremely fast processing speed. Also, Moo0 FileShredder is compatible with Windows’ operating system.

Main features of the software Moo0 FileShredder:

- Remove all data on hard drive with high speed and safety.
- Data removing process can be reused many times.
- Design with 4 different levels to remove data on hard drive.
- Compatible with Windows’ operating system.

Updated date: 12/02/2013

Free Download Moo0 FileShredder
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