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Movavi Video Editor is one of the tools which can edit and convert videos on demand in a fast and effective manner. With this program, you can freely create and make your familiar videos become more original than ever before.

With a preeminent information processing ability, Movavi Video Editor allows you to customize and edit videos optionally. You can thereby cut, add, remove, adjust images or adapt animations and sound in a fast and effective way.

Movavi Video Editor can work on an assortment of common video extensions such as .AVI, .MOV or .MPEG. Especially, the tool also has a flexible format conversion function which helps you convert videos as well as DVD in the blink of an eye.

Movavi Video Editor is integrated with a perfect video extracting function, helping you record many versions of videos on CD or DVD at the same time while still ensuring their original quality.

Moreover, Movavi Video Editor is designed with many smart video cutting and joining features, helping you save time and effort. The program also allows you to create original videos as presents for your friends via email message creating feature.

Key features of Movavi Video Editor:

- Adjust and edit videos by splitting, joining and improve the sound and image quality in a fast and effective manner.

- Be compatible with multiple common video formats at present.

- Convert video formats flexibly.

- Allow extracting and duplicating videos to CD/DVD on demand.

- Be integrated with postcard video designing function for being posted on email or blog.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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