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Moving Desktop helps you to change the default background wallpaper of your screen by a new and impressive one, which is image slideshow. It keeps your screen always lively, fresh and attractive.

Moving Desktop is a wonderful tool to design slideshow to be set as your background wallpaper. Thanks to its impressive slideshow function, this utility will serve you to create your own style on screen wallpaper. It is not as simple and boring as a static image, but it will keep you fresh and happy with moving pictures on the screen.

Moving Desktop allows you to set time for moving images in the slideshow, such as 10+ second, or permanent, no changing. You can customize this changing time to serve your interest and requirement.

Moving Desktop occupies little resource, so it does not affect other running applications or the whole system’s capacity. These slideshow images can automatically be customized to meet the capacity of the screen. Therefore, you can make use of this application without any trouble or difficulty.

Some main features of Moving Desktop:

-    Create slideshow to be set as your background wallpaper
-    Provide 30 modes in changing images in the slideshow
-    Customize moving time of each image in the collection
-    Occupy little resource, so it does not affect other running applications or the whole system’s capacity

Updated date: 02/26/2014

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