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Mozilla Firefox Portable is an open-source software that enables you to get access to the internet easily. This is a mobile version of well-known web browser of Mozilla.

Mozilla Firefox Portable provides the ability to get access to the Internet fast and effectively. Based on open source, it is the mobile version of well-known web browser, Mozilla. This software can be used on multiple peripheral storage devices, such as, mobile hardware, Flash drive, USB, or on any computer run by different operating systems.

Like its famous bother, Mozilla Firefox Portable covers all features available in Mozilla Firefox, for example, manage bookmark, save history of web browsers, download applications from websites, check spelling, searching function, browse WebPages on separate tabs, support add-ins.
Moreover, Mozilla Firefox Portable is considered an excellent web browser to block pop-ups, advertising, virus and malicious software. The application allows you to change and customize the interface of Firefox in a totally new style which modifies and adds some new features. The sync feature assists you in saving passwords and utilities from your computer to other computers for use.

Main features of Mozilla Firefox Portable:

- Browse web on all computers and store it on multiple devices.

Use and save the setting of Mozilla Firefox Portable to get access to internet anywhere via peripheral storage devices, such as USB, mobile hardware.

- Manage Bookmark.

The application allows you to save your favorite websites to Bookmark by marking those WebPages. You can change the name of WebPages or keep their name. .

- Open WebPages on separate tabs.

You can easily to get access to multiple WebPages at the same time with ease and they can be opened on separate Tabs.
- Block malicious software.

It helps you to block advertising pop-ups appearing when opening a website, prevent virus and other malicious applications when downloading applications to computer.

- Sync information.

Firefox Sync feature of Mozilla Firefox Portable allows syncing information, such as, marking WebPages, sign-in accounts and other utilities on the computer. Coded data can be accessed without permission.

- Customize the interface.

You can change the default interface of Mozilla Firefox in your freestyle and create new utilities (supported by multiple software) and add new functions to applications.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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