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Kevin Pham

mp3DirectCut is an application to help you cut audio from a complete audio file to set as ringtones for various types of mobile phones. You can cut, copy, paste, or record audio from different sources.

mp3DirectCut allows you to cut audio from a complete song, cut and paste other audio segments to your existing song without quality loss. These audio segments will be used as ringtones for mobile phones running Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, etc.

mp3DirectCut offers various features to create and edit audio. You can apply default parameters for the output or adjust them to have the best product. You can adjust the volume of each audio frame without affecting the sound of the entire track.

In addition, mp3DirectCut can also record audio from different sources such as input devices or audio transferred from audio card. You can save these audio segments as MP3 format with ACM and LAME encryptions
Main features of mp3DirectCut:

- Cut favorite segment from a complete song.

mp3DirectCut will help you cut your favorite segment from a complete audio file by moving the cursor to select the desired segment to be cut or set the starting and ending point of that segment.

- Support such audio formats as MP3, WAV, AAC.

- Record sound from different sources.

mp3DirectCut can record directly audio emitted from different sources such as Microphone and input devices, radio, music programs on the internet, music players on computer such as Windows Media Player, Winamp, KMPlayer or external transceivers such as CD/DVD readers, TV, etc. and save them as LAME MP3 files.

- Remove interference directly.

When recording, there may be such interferences as noise, other's voice, click, whistle, etc. and this application will help you remove all of these annoying interferences from your product.

- Adjust sound according to frame.

The program allows you to adjust the volume of each audio segment according to each frame rate. You can increase or reduce volume of each audio segment without affecting the other segments of the same audio file.

- Support command line operation.

You can work directly with all the tools right on the toolbar of the program or use command lines if you are working on MS DOS environment.

- Many other features.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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