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MPCSTAR is a great media player for users. The software not only works with a variety of formats but it is also capable of adding codecs.

MPCSTAR provides a solution to play music and film professionally. The program supports almost all video and audio formats and it can add enhanced codecs for decoding. The supported formats include Avi,. Mkv,. Ogm. Mpg,. Mpeg,. MPV. Ts,. Wmv,. Asf,. Rmvb,. Rm,. Mov,. qt,. mp4,. m4v, .3 gp, .3 gpp, .3 g2, .3 gp2,. pmp. FLV. f4v. swf,. VOB,. ifo,. m2ts,. mts,. M2T, audio format mp3,. mpa,. mp2,. ogg,. ape.flac.wav. wma.

MPCSTAR also has the ability to display and adjust subtitles and lyrics of the films and songs, for example changing position, selecting playing double, synchronizing lyric / subtitle and sound, ect. It also supports hotkeys quickly and conveniently when playing videos or songs. Users can also use the program as a professional format converter.

MPCSTAR allows users to balance sound to suit to the user’s taste such as pop, rock, jazz, ect. There are also functions such as creating and editing playlists, selecting interface, creating album cover , blocking pop-ups and ads in video, ect. This is a powerful and versatile media player which is suitable for all users.

Main features of MPCSTAR:

-Support for playing media.
- Work with a variety of formats, add codecs.
- Display lyrics and subtitles.
- Convert formats.
- Create and edit playlists.

Updated date: 12/07/2013

Free Download MPCSTAR


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