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Multi-Browser Viewer is the software used in testing the compatibility if websites with various search engines. Moreover, users can test any website by using separate web browser or using captured images of the browser.

Multi-Browser Viewer allows users to run IE6, IE7 and IE8 side-by-side on a computer. This is a difficult task for any software. Besides that, Multi-Browser Viewer helps you check the safety of website, JavaScript, and general look and feel without having to set up multiple virtual machines or using slow VNC connections.

Multi Browser Viewer integrates 22 virtual web browsers in order to simulate the operation of those browsers on the computer and 5 smartphones. It let you experience how a real website looks like on a device’s browser.
Furthermore, Multi-Browser Viewer integrates Selen RC tool which allows users to test the browser features without installation and first-configuration. All you have to do are record, copy and paste the source code created by Selenium and replay on any separate browser.

Impressive features of Multi-Browser Viewer:

- Easy to use and install
- Allow users to see many websites on many operating systems
- Integrates 22 virtual browsers on your computer
- Support to display virtual browser on computer and smartphone
- Adjust font size, color contrast, font
- Auto-update
- Allow to view a web address on a virtual browser.

Updated date: 04/23/2014

Download Multi Browser Viewer
 We compile the Introduction and usage guidance about Multi Browser Viewer software with the purpose to provide you more information for reference, if you download multi browser viewer, that is in your discretion. We shall not take any responsibility for problems arising (if any) during the installation and use of the software. See [Terms and Conditions] for more details.
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