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Multi-Monitor Wallpaper Tool is a great tool which helps you to change your screen wallpaper in multi-monitor mode. Your screen will be more diversified and attractive with a collection of images which are cropped and linked together.

Multi-Monitor Wallpaper Tool is a great utility helping you to design your own screen wallpaper with many smart and interesting functions. You can crop and merge your available images to design your new ones to be saved on your screen. Or else, you can use the multi-monitor mode to make your computer no longer boring.

Multi-Monitor Wallpaper Tool supports you to choose images and suitable sizes to be crop so as to fit your computer screen. Thanks to this special cropping and size customizing feature, Multi still reserve the standard high resolution of your images.

Multi-Monitor Wallpaper Tool also allows you to update images from the internet or from your hard drive, you can choose the mode to set update times and displaying mode to keep your screen always fresh and attractive.

Some main features of Multi-Monitor Wallpaper Tool

-    Support you to customize multi-monitor mode for your computer’s screen.
-    Support you to crop and merge different images
-    Download image from the internet to change wallpapers in the preset time
-    Allow you to customize size and displaying mode of the wallpapers.

Updated date: 02/26/2014

Free Download Multi Monitor Wallpaper Tool
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