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MyPublicWiFi is a tool that supports users turn their desktops or laptops into a wireless access point quickly and easily. In addition, this application also provides the option to use a firewall to protect the network with WPA2 encryption mode. This is a safe and cost saving solution for users

MyPublicWiFi allows you to set a Wifi hotspot from computer installed Windows 7 or 8. With this feature, anyone near your location can also easily access the Internet via wireless network. It is also an ideal solution to set up a temporary access point in a family, meeting rooms or similar locations.

MyPublicWiFi integrates with FireWall tool to prevent and restrict user access to a given server. Besides, the owner of Wifi hotspot can also prevent other from using certain Internet services (for example, P2P sharing programs). This software also allows you to record and monitor all access to virtual URL on WiFi Hotspot.

MyPublicWiFi also helps user to set a password for the wireless network. List of accessing computers to the wireless network will be displayed on Client tab. You can also change the settings of the program such as language, additional restrictions on Internet services, etc.

Main features of MyPublicWiFi:

- Turn your computer into a wireless access point
- Support for Windows 7 and 8
- Share wireless network to multiple devices around
- Restrict access to server
- Prevent other from using file sharing programs
- Provide a firewall to protect the network

Updated date: 04/24/2015

Free Download MyPublicWiFi
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