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Naevius USB Antivirus is a tool that brings you wonderful features to prevent the spread of virus through Flash USB. Particularly, the software builds a robust firewall and provides features to protect your USB and computer the best.

Naevius USB Antivirus can detect and delete all sorts of virus, particularly created when you copy data from USB and other portable devices. The software builds a robust firewall comprising of high security features to control the input data and protect computer from the virus infection from USB.

Although Naevius USB Antivirus is an antivirus software, it provides the only feature to protect your USB on the computer rather than any other features.  In addition, the software has a straightforward interface and few features. However, it is extremely easy-to-use with an intuitive menu displaying some options.

Thanks to Naevius USB Antivirus, you can protect your USB Flash and computer from threats spreading through USB and other external devices. This is a really compact software which occupies little resources of the computer and locates on the system tray, so it does not affect the performance of the entire system and other running applications.

Particularly, the software is compatible with other antivirus software such as BitDefender, Nod32, Kaspersky, AVG, Norton, McAfee, Panda, AVAST, etc. to protect your computer, USB, and other external devices the most effectively.

With the powerful features of Naevius USB Antivirus, your computer, USB and external device will be protected the best. Users can set the software to start up with the Windows system; therefore, whenever you connect a USB to the computer, the software will detect, alert and delete autorun virus immediately.

In addition, the publisher provides 24/7 support; therefore, if you encounter any problems or detect virus that the software cannot delete, you can send report via email to the developer for the feedback just within 24 hours.

Main features of Naevius USB Antivirus:

- Protect USB from viruses.

As you know, external storage device like USB is preferred by users to store data and use anywhere. However, the most concerned issue here is that the copying process between these devices will increase the risk of virus infection. Now, with Naevius USB Antivirus, you will be totally secured because the software is designed to prevent all virus from USB.

- Protect your computer from all threats : trojan, spyware, worm, USB storage devices, etc.

- Run simultaneously with other antivirus software:

Naevius USB Antivirus can work simultaneously with other antivirus software such as BitDefender, Nod32, Kaspersky, AVG, Norton, McAfee, Panda, AVAST, etc. to protect your computer, USB, and other external devices the most effectively.

- Have an intuitive and easy-to-use interface:

Naevius USB Antivirus has an intuitive interface with all the features displayed on the main window, so manipulations with the program will become easier than ever. Just with a few clicks, you can secure your computer and USB Flash effectively.

Updated date: 09/20/2013

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