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Kevin Pham

Namebench is a utility that improves and enhances the speed of Internet access through the detection and change of the DNS Server parameters.

NameBench is a program that searches all of the DNSs in the area where Internet users are connecting. Then this application will make the comparison between the speed and performance of different DNSs. That will give you the results of the shortest distance and the most efficient DNS in the region. Users simply change the value of the connection settings to use those DNSs for maximum performance.

Compared to many DNS supporting applications such as OpenDNS, GoogleDns, NameBench is the software offering comprehensive capabilities of detecting DNS as well as ensuring the safety of the personal computer connections.

Namebench uses modern detection technology with multiple connections and benchmark your internet connection. The detection is very quick and efficient. DNS list will be show with detailed information about the parameters, and the best DNS connection will be highlighted.

The improvement of network access speed via DNS is a quite effective way and associates other benefits to the system. NameBench brings you the best access Internet environment.

Main features of NameBench:

- Detect the best DNS in connection area
- Compare DNS and make the best choice
- Adjust the parameters to fit the system
- Quick search speed
- Create an environment with high performance web browsing.

Updated date: 11/18/2013

Free Download Namebench
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