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Namo WebEditor provides a tool to design multimedia HTML website. It makes use of the powerful tool WYSIWYG to supports user’s activities.

Namo WebEditor Is a multimedia web application on HTML platform. The program integrates advanced WYSIWYG technology to offer a comfortable and easy-to-use interface. The available ICT tools supports studying web design and web content creation.

Namo WebEditor provides full functions packed in 6 applications and tools. The typical options of this program include automatically creating presentation board, powerful JavaScript actions, flexible wizard for data development pages, present site with drag-and-drop, and the ability of flexible direction.

Moreover, Namo WebEditor can report the incidents on time to avoid errors. It integrates a source monitor, a theme editor and can edit vector graphic objects. With this software, users can capture and manipulate image, cut image and create album by the best tools. The program offers many useful functions for organizing and developing websites.

Main features of Namo WebEditor:

- Multimedia web tool
- Provide full functions to organize and develop websites
- Support many directing manipulations
- Be able to customize the interface.

Updated date: 02/26/2014

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