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Naver Anti-virus is an antivirus software which can help you prevent and delete virus safely. Naver Anti-virus will protect your computer the best 24/7 against virus, malicious codes, and spyware.

Naver Anti-virus is a Vietnamese antivirus software basing on the content support from Bitdefender and is censored by well-known organizations. Naver Anti-virus has high level of virus detection and alert.

Beside the popular antivirus features, Naver Anti-virus also secures your computer 24/24 the most faithfully and alerts immediately whenever there is a virus, malicious code, or potential threat from the internet.

Naver Anti-virus not only protects your computer but also optimizes computer system in just a few simple tasks. This system optimization feature can automatically clean the system, remove unnecessary ActiveX to help you rearrange the computer, temporary files and enhance the efficiency of the system.

Naver Anti virus is a Vietnamese software which has headquarter here, so all of your queries will be answered and analyzed thoroughly and immediately when using this software.

Main features of Naver Antivirus:

- Scan for virus, secure your system: Real-time protection feature will ensure the security for your computer 24/24.

- Optimize computer just in a simple task: Naver Anti virus will automatically remove unnecessary ActiveX and rearrange the computer memory.

- Automatic update engine: Naver Anti virus can manage malicious codes which affect the computer.

- Display 3 security alarm levels: Different alarm levels show different virus infection levels of your computer in which level 1 shows that your computer is in safe state, the next levels show the increasing danger of virus in your computer.

Updated date: 09/25/2013

Free Download Naver Anti virus
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