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NCSA Mosaic is known as the world’s first graphic web browser with the ability to display inline images and documents right in one browser window. The program also has full basic features so that users can browse the web more conveniently and actively.

NCSA Mosaic allows users to carry out basic web browsing activities such as reading news online, searching for information online, sending email, editing HTML, etc. Therefore, users can be completely able to participate in activities on the community network in an active manner without any difficulty while still ensuring that their work will be smooth and bring in a high efficiency.

With NCSA Mosaic, you are also supported with a feature to accelerate the web surfing speed so that you will not have to wait too long for downloading images, digital music or watching films online. This is a very essential feature for users to surf the web in a more convenient manner.

In addition, NCSA Mosaic can also hide the browser if users find it necessary to protect their privacy as well as other important information when browsing the web. With this feature, you will be more active and free of concern about your personal activities from being intruded when surfing the web.

Key features of NCSA Mosaic:

- Support basic web surfing activities such as reading news online, searching for information online, sending email, editing HTML, etc.
- Be capable of raising web browsing speed to save time for waiting.
- Allow hiding the editor when necessary.
- Support spam prevention mode.

Updated date: 02/26/2014

Free Download NCSA Mosaic
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