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Netgear Genie is installed and used on the computer or portable devices to check the connection status including the speed and the page load. The software is used to monitor profiles including Internet, Wifi connection, settings of Router, Map, Parental Controls and ReadyShare.

Netgear Genie provides a control panel which allows users to see detailed information about the network flow, connection status. You can conduct tests of the speed by running Websites, monitor the bandwidth. Users can see clearly Wifi addresses around your living place displayed on the computer. If your current connection is slow, you can choose one of the remaining addresses. Users can add wireless networks to the list.

Netgear Genie also provides a tool which helps users monitor the Internet usage of other people, monitor and record all actions taken on your computer by others, restrict the flow and time for the network access. Besides, users are also allowed to control portable devices connected to the network remotely. You can see and fine-tune your router settings directly.

Main features of Netgear Genie:

- Display the status of network connection in details
- Check Wifi
- See and fine-tune router settings
- Add addresses of wireless networks to the list
- Monitor activities of the computer

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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