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Netman is a program that helps user control remote computer with high security. Users are allowed to start, log in, share file, control mouse, keyboard, video, manage file and send instant message and other manipulations.

Netman is a program that helps user control remote computer with high security. The program uses the DSE encryption mode that are generally used by banks to ensure the safety and absolute reliability. Users can also set treble password to improve the level of security for their data.

Netman allows user to remotely start their computer, log in via IP and use resources on the computer via the internet. The program automatically handles firewalls and proxy quickly and easily. The user can use mouse and keyboard of remote computers to control video, manage file / folder, send instant message, ect. Excellent data processing ability enables the application to operate at high speeds and low latency.

Netman can also share computer screen and allow users to view computer screen, take screenshot and record their screen. Files can be uploaded and downloaded, renamed, deleted or moved to another folder easily. The program also features an online conversation which allows user to conduct video chat and create profile of chats.

The main features of Netman:

- Control remote computers with high security.
- Restart remote computer.
- Manage file, share data.
- High speed and high controlling ability
- Share computer screen, create online conversations

Updated date: 07/03/2014

Free Download Netman
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