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NetSetMan is an application supporting users to easily switch between different network configurations and store information about the setting process on the memory. The program supports a variety of network connections.

NetSetMan is a program that manages setting of the network configuration and allows users to switch between configurations including information such as IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, DNS Server, WINS Server, Computer Name , Workgroup, DNS, Default Printer, Network Drives, NIC Status, SMTP Server, Hosts File Entries, Scripts (BAT, VS, JS, ect)

Compared with similar tools, NetSetMan is more outstanding because of the ability to change the ip addresses, network configuration and computer’s information. The tool also allows storing configuration with its own name on the memory so that users can use that configuration again without adjusting parameters for each address on the operating system.

In addition, the settings can be imported and exported easily and stored on various devices to safely, in case users update the program on various operating systems.

It can be said that NetSetMan is an extremely useful tool for those who often have to change ip address and network configuration to access the internet.

Features of NetSetMan:

- Change ip addresses, network configuration, computer’s information
- Save the network configuration to use when needed
- Extract and save the configuration file on other devices
- Be small and easy to use.

Updated date: 04/25/2015

Free Download NetSetMan
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