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Network LookOut Administrator allows you to monitor your displaying task directly from another computer. You can control computer remotely by using mouse and keyboard.

Network LookOut Administrator is a practical tool for:

- Keep track of students’ or learners’ activities at school from a remote computer

- Follow children’s activities: review whether they log in black websites or not.
- For supervisors in office to set better rules or support remotely in emergency cases.

- Administrate all computers at one place, shut down and restart computer at once to serve Internet shops with once click.

Network LookOut Administrator is installed and utilized very easily as all its features are accessed and run remotely from server.

Different form similar apllications, Network LookOut Administrator provides users live images on computer’s remote screen. The screen keeps displaying lively (integrated customizations) with no high bandwidth. Even when it is at low bandwidth and screen is resized, you still enlarge the screen to see it clear.

Network LookOut Administrator performs best with LAN network. It brings thousands of perfect benefits. You can monitor computer remotely by using your mouse and keyboard with no requirement of other complicated tools. When your staffs are at risk, you just help them remotely and do everything well, it saves your time of passing one-by-one computer to check them.

Network LookOut Administrator’s impressive features:

- Monitor computer remotely.

- Display multiple computers on a same chart.

- Organize computers into separate computers’ groups (offices, departments).

- Shut down or restart computers remotely

- Do task manually with mouse and keyboard.

- Block servers.

- Enlarge screen for computers at low bandwidth.

- Customize auto connecting to remote computer.

- Set password for each computer

- Supervise remote computers directly.

- Perform best with LAN network.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

Free Download Network LookOut Administrator Pro
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