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NextGen AntiKeylogger protection against computer tracking programs effective computer keyboard, the program is integrated into web browsers increased ability to protect user personal data
NextGen AntiKeylogger will help prevent acts effectively stealing sensitive personal information from the keyboard such as credit card codes, the online bank account, the account of the user important.
To be able to understand the NextGen AntiKeylooger then you need to know what is Keylogger. Keylogger is a spyware records all activity on your keyboard and then send them to "instigators" so your sensitive information are known bad guys, these programs are quiet operation so that you are tracking but still did not know. In many cases we will use that information against you, or simply to spend money in your bank account.
NextGen AntiKeylogger has the advantage of not wasting a lot of computer memory should help the computer run more quietly while the safety is a difference compared with conventional antivirus software.
The main features of NextGen AntiKeylogger
- Prevent keyloggers effectively.
- Protecting the safety of your personal information.
- Easy to use, even those who are not computer savvy can also use it to protect yourself, just click 4 times, you can be assured when using computer
- Occupying less computer memory capacity.
Although there are many advantages but disadvantages of NextGen AntiKeylogger Free Edition which is only used in browsers Firefox, Safari and IE. If you want to use more then you can download surcharge

Updated date: 05/03/2015

Free Download NextGen AntiKeylogger Free
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