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Steganography is a program designed to bring users effective tools for quickly and simply hiding sensitive data inside image files.

Due to its low storage capacity, you can enjoy the convenience of downloading files to your computer because it doesn’t take much room on hard disks as well as affect other data on your computer. It is also compatible with Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8 so you can feel secure in installing and using this software.   

Steganography offers users smart tools to hide files and data within an image safely and sophisticatedly.
The outstanding feature of this program is that it allows hiding confidential information inside an image looking alike to the original one. Thus, it’s almost impossible to clarify which pictures contain data. That is reason why you can rely on the security safety of this program.
With the help of Steganography, your files will be encrypted easily in order to be hidden inside image files. The important thing is that carrier files can still be loaded and displayed like other normal images and only owner can recognize which images keep files inside.      

Steganography helps you put private and important files in a safe place without taking you much time and effort.

Main features of Steganography:

-    Run on Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8.
-    Encrypt files to hide them inside images easily.
-    Load carrier files alike to other normal files, thus ensure hidden data.
-    Create size of carrier files similar to original ones to avoid being detected.

Updated date: 06/13/2016

Free Download Our Secret
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