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Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary is software supporting in studying English effectively. This software is based on Oxford dictionary. Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary is considered as an advanced dictionary and therefore it is preferred by lots of users.

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary is a main tool for users to study English easily in advanced level. This tool uses the dictionary of British Oxford University. Oxford Advanced Learner's will supports users in reading and writing English, even in speaking and communication.

Unlike other dictionary software, Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary has extremely high speed. In addition, this dictionary also allows to find synonym quickly to expand your vocabulary. Recently, Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary introduced the latest version. In this version, it added a huge amount of new words and a function iWriter to help users write and save the result better.

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary is extremely easy-to-use and you just need to download the file and install it to be able to use the dictionary normally. Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary works similarly to other dictionaries such as Lac Viet, Eva Tran. Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary can work without internet connection.

Main features of Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary:

- Supports in studying English effectively.

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary provides users a large amount of vocabulary and always updates for new words. When you want to find a word, Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary will provide more synonyms. This feature helps you to use words flexibly. In addition, Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary also provides examples for user to understand how to use the word the best.

- Provide a huge amount of technical terms.

Besides popular words, Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary also provides a huge amount of technical terms. These are technical terms used a lot in science, economy, social politic, military, ect. The latest version which was introduced recently added more than 500 technical terms for science, mathematics, computer, literature and commercial, ect.

- Support standard British English pronunciation.

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary also supports users in pronunciation. You can use this software to practice pronunciation. The voice you hear will be standard British-English pronunciation. This will help users to pronounce English precisely.

- Integrated to function iWriter.

IWriter is a new function developed recently. This feature allows users to write a paper or a text, this software will automatically check words and grammar. You can double click to any word and the dictionary will automatically search for its meaning and synonyms.
- Add new features in Advanced Search:

Advanced Search will allow you to search words of example, for example, hint or search for nations and areas. In addition, Advanced Search allows searching words via users’ voice.

- Add the function My Topics:

My Topics is a feature that allows users to learn the most popular words and sentences via topics, which can be considered as a lesson of communication. They are divided into fields such as business, culture, sociality, education and military, ect. This also help you to develop you vocabulary quickly, as well as the way to use it effectively and easily.

Updated date: 07/02/2014

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