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PaperCut Print Logger is a free software for Windows OS. It helps system admin monitor printing activities in the unit.

PaperCut Print Logger allows users to monitor the printing activities of computers in the same LAN network. The software generates reports about the number of printed document, print size, title of the document, printing time, people who printed, etc. This application can exports the reports in many different formats like HTML for website, Excel or SCV to save in the computer.

PaperCut Print Logger also allows users to make schedule for the program to auto- summary and send reports to the admin on a regular basis. Besides that, users can request the applications for request any time.

Moreover, let users organize the printing queue and set limitation for printers in the system.

Especially, with the real- time monitoring function, the program can track and report accurately to users whenever it is requested.

Main features of PaperCut Print Logger:

- Create reports about printing activities in the LAN network
- Auto- summarize reports on a regular basis
- Anytime report
- Set queue and limitation for printer
- Real- time monitoring.

Updated date: 11/28/2013

Free Download PaperCut Print Logger
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