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Download Paragon Drive Copy Professional - Updating the computer’s system.


Paragon Drive Copy 11 Professional helps you save time from updating the computer every day. The software will help you update applications and regularly refresh your computer system.

You have to spend a lot of time on installing and updating your computer every day. The work is repeated in a boring and complicated way. Let’s use Paragon Drive Copy 11 Professional to implement this work. The software can update the system of any software, hardware, application or program in an automatic and fast manner. The update will be performed every day.

Paragon Drive Copy 11 Professional even supports large-sized hard drives by transferring the current computer system from MBR drive into Retained (Hybrid) GPT drive. At the same time, the right to access HDD space is also modified. In addition, the software can also transfer from OS into SSD and arrange hard drives in an automatic manner. At the same time, it can create, delete, renew, hide and display partitions.

Key features of Paragon Drive Copy 11 Professional

- Support the automatic installation and refresh of programs and applications in the computer system.
- Automatically arrange partitions so that the computer can work at a maximum efficiency.
- Support back-up: the software can simultaneously copy or resize partitions.
- Schedule back-up process in advance.
- Support virtual equipments such as MS Virtual PC, VirtualBox, VMware Workstation and VMware Fusion.

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Updated date: 02/26/2014

Download Paragon Drive Copy Professional
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