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Tony Nguyen

Parental - Controls.NET is one of the most effective applications in helping parents control the Internet access of their children by blocking malicious websites, virtual space and virtual world on the Internet. In addition, the software also automatically prevents inappropriate application for children.

Currently, there are a lot of software that support parents to control the Internet access of their children. However, lots of software do not bring the effectiveness, they only prevent a small number of inappropriate websites Parental - Controls.NET will block websites and applications with malicious content maximally.

Parental - Controls.NET is designed to assist parents in controlling their children accessing website, online application or virtual world. The program quickly identifies and prevents immediately websites that are inappropriate for their age, such as pornography, fraud, gambling, and more, ect. Moreover, the software alerts user when they enter the virtual world.

Parental - Controls.NET can block up to 99 % of porn sites with multi-language sources, white list sites, blacklist websites, blacklist keywords. The software also uses special technology to avoid other user to uninstall the program.

The main features of Parental - Controls.NET:

- Prevent immediately websites such as pornography, fraud, gambling, and more, ect
- Support for creating a list of blocked sites for you to manage easily.
- Support for saving and monitoring all documents appearing on your computer.
- Create password to be able to access.
- Support for most of popular browsers today.

Updated date: 02/27/2014

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