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Passcape ISO Burner is the software which supports users to create a bootable CD, DVD or USB disk from an image file. This tool is compatible with other common storage devices like memory card, USB, ZIP or portable drive.

Passcape ISO Burner enables you to create the virtual drive which boots directly on the operating system. Users are allowed to burn ISO images to CD/DVD, create bootable USB disk, extract ISO files to the drive, and burn ISO images to CD/DVD for the external use on a folder of the hard drive.

With Passcape ISO Burner, it becomes very easy to create a bootable USB drive. Users just need a USB which is connected to the computer and has the sufficicient size to combine ISO images. Then, you just need activate the program to burn ISO image files. Selected data on the USB flash drive will be deleted automatically. Thus, users can save or copy them to another place to preserve the data.

Each function of the program is designed simply and followed with guidances. Thus, it is easy - to - access, even for inexperienced users. To start burning ISO images to CD/DVD, you must choose CD/ DVD burner and insert a blank disk into the folder.

Key features of Passcape ISO Burner:

- Create the bootable disk from disk image.

Passcape ISO Burner is the application which helps you create the bootable disk from ISO images saved on your computer through burning image files to CD/DVD or USB.

- Burn and boot the disk at high speed.

Passcape ISO Burner is able to burn disk and boot files from USB quickly and effectively. During this process, users can also customize parameters appropriately before burning and running the disk.

- Support many devices with no CD/DVD drive.

It is very convenient to create with some types of laptops, tablets without supporting CD/DVD. As a result, you can manage and use data very easily.

- Be easy to use.
The program has the simple interface used by many people, even inexperienced users or experts. Guidances are integrated into the application so that users can approach with functions easily when using it. No installation is required. You can copy the software to any USB flash drive or other devices, and take it with you whenever you need reinstall the system.

- Be compatible with lots of operating systems.
The software is closely compatible with lots of common operating systems. It has the lightweight capacity and runs gently on the system. After creating the desired bootable disk, you can reinstall the Windows and configure PC BIOS settings.

Updated date: 02/26/2014

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