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Password Cracker supports users to restore forgotten passwords of files on the computer and personal accounts on various Websites. It is compatible with Internet Explorer.

Password Cracker helps you restore the passwords of files on the computer which you forgot. Besides, this utility also helps you find back the passwords of private accounts on different Websites. The application runs well on Internet Explorer.
To protect the important data, files saved on the computer and to avoid illegal intrusion from unexpected people, you often establish a password to protect these data. It has no problem if your password of your data is long enough and easy to remember. However, for passwords you have set up for a long time and you can not remember and access, Password Cracker will help you restore these passwords easily and quickly.
Password Cracker is rather easy in use. You just need move the mouse to the password putting place, then the utility will automatically display the password in black spots equivalently to the number of characters in the password. You can select "View" to see these passwords.

Main features of Password Cracker:

- Reclaim passwords of files stored on the computer.

The application will help you look back the protection password of data, especially of RAR files. Hence, you can easily access these files to claim the data inside to serve for your use.

- Reclaim the password of accounts on the Web browser.

Password Cracker will help you restore the password of accounts registered on online forums. The utility is able to work and compatible with all versions of Internet Explorer.

- Restore passwords with the complicated structure.

You can use Password Cracker to recover long and complicated passwords which include symbols like letters, numbers and special symbols.

- Search and restore all passwords of applications on the computer.

The application allows you to customize the establishment to recover all files secured by passwords on the computer, which helps you save lots of time in searching data.

- Set up the sound.

Password Cracker will automatically release sound whenever its operation ends to inform or you can turn off this function if you want.

- Provide a supporting file.

Although the utility is very easy in use, it still provides you with a guidance file to instruct you the way to set up as well as run the application.

- Support for many languages.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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