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Password Spectator is a great utility to support users to view hidden passwords behind the asterisks or dots.

Password Spectator provides tools to show user’s passwords in different websites hidden behind the asterisks or dots. These passwords will be displayed in a specific and different window.
A disadvantage of this utility is that it integrates most of websites and programs but not show password of email addresses.

This Password Spectator lists all shown passwords in a detailed list. In this list, this application also provides other information such as, password, account name, URL address, date, etc. You also can save this list in your computer as a data file or copy these data and paste on other place.

Password Spectator operates outside of the computer system, therefore, it does not slow down other programs.

This software is a great and useful tool for those who own a vast number of accounts that they cannot remember all.

Some main features of Password Spectator utility:

-    Display user’s account and password hidden behind the asterisks or dots
-    Provide password viewing history
-    Save history list as a file or copy these data and save in other place
-    Do not slow down your system.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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