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PC File Transfer is a useful tool that allows user to access remotely to stored files and folders, and other computers. The program has the ability to encode, protect and compress to reduce information capacity.

PC File Transfer is a useful program that helps user access data on computer from another computer remotely via the internet. Users can easily connect their home computer to computers at work and use the files and folders that user have stored or synchronized. User can also download data to their computer directly and quickly.

PC File Transfer can find and connect to any computer, including computers that have firewalls, routers, masqueraders. The program also has good security to protect their sensitive information from being stolen via the dangerous internet environment. The file is sent as a sophisticated encryption to avoid being read.

PC File Transfer can compress data to reduce information capacity. Thus, the software will work a lot faster and the file will be consistent and reduce the risk of being lost. In addition, the program also automatically recognizes and skips compressed files.

The main features of PC File Transfer:

- Access data in one computer from another computer
- Download data to user’s computer from another computer.
- Good security and encryption.
- Compress data before transfer them.

Updated date: 02/26/2014

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