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PDF Converter Pro is the application supporting for converting files to PDF documents. The application supports the conversion for most document files, images with formats like DOC, PSD, EMF, EPS, IMG, JPG, etc.

PDF Converter Pro helps you convert input formats including DOC, DOCX, GIF, JPG, PSD, TXT, PSD, DWF, EMF, PCD, TGA, BMP, DXF, etc. to PDF documents. The converted documents will remain the same content, structure, tables, images and hyperlinks as the original.

PDF Converter Pro allows converting several files of different formats to PDF files at the same time. You can preview the relevant information of each converting document, rename output documents, change the storage folder for converted documents, set up password to protect PDF documents if you want.

PDF Converter Pro occupies a considerable capacity of the computer resources. By contrast, this program is particularly useful because it can convert most files of different formats at high speed.

Main features of PDF Converter Pro :

- Support for converting over 100 input formats to PDF documents.

PDF Converter Pro can convert over 100 files of different formats to PDF documents. Input formats include DOC, TXT, PSD, DWF, EMF, TIF, PNG, GIF, PCD, PSP, EPS, TGA, BMP, ICO, DWG, DXF, CMW, IMG, IFF, J2K, JP2, PSP, EPS, WMF and more.

- Support the batch conversion.

You can convert one or many files of different formats saved in different locations on the computer to PDF documents at the same time. The application does not limit the number of converting files. The conversion speed depends on the quantity and size of converting files.

- Display file parameters before converting.

When you prepare to convert any file, the application will automatically save and display relevant parameters so that you can preview and identify exactly files you want to convert or view name, path to the storage location, format, size.

- Support plug-in of Photoshop.

The utility provides and integrates with plugins of Adobe Photoshop, a professional image editting software. Thus, you can convert PSD images of Adobe Photoshop quickly.

- Support the combinations of shortcuts.

PDF Converter Pro helps you directly convert files to PDF documents by using the built-in conversion features in the interface or you can use combinations of shortcuts equivalent to features of this application. Hence, you can convert files right on the keyboard without using mouse.

- Customize t the quality of output documents.

The application allows you to customize output PDF documents to get the best results. You can reset the titles of PDF documents or passwords to protect PDF documents, change size of output documents.

- Search documents for conversion.

The search feature helps you easily find a file for conversion saved on your computer and helps you save much time during your working process.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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