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Peak Express for Mac OS X is a utility tool that allows you to record all live sound, for example, voices and singing voices. In addition, the program is designed to reduce noise and provide various sound effects which help you create your own sound style in different ways.

Peak Express for Mac OS X provides a set of features that aim to record your voice in real time. You can also make use of unique sound effects offered by the program, as well as reduce background noise to produce great audio recordings in your own styles.
After recording, you can edit audio by increasing or decreasing volume, Bass, Treble, etc. The sound effects provided by the software allows you to change the voice of a young man into the voice of an old man, a man’s voice into a woman’s voice or an adult’s voice into a child’s voice.

Certainly, you can create an audio loop. Audio that is recorded by Peak Express for Mac OS X can be inserted to your presentations and films for illustration purposes. This lightweight program is compatible with all MAC OS X operating systems. The advantages of this application are enormous as it doesn’t take up much space on your desktop or use much system resources and you can always be sure of its impressively high performance.  
Main features of Peak Express for Mac OS X:

- Record voice.

Peak Express directly records all audio from your voice or record yourself singing. You can use the recorded audio to illustrate a movie or insert it to your PowerPoint presentations.

- Filter noise.

Unwanted noises incurred during the recording process, such as popping sounds of microphone, coughing, echoes from the environment, etc., will be reduced to the maximum, so that you can produce the purest recordings.

- Offer unique sound effects.

You can insert a variety of sound effects, for example, voices of the old, children, man or woman, etc to your recordings.

- Edit audio.

Peak Express for Mac OS X allows you to increase or decrease volume, Bass, Treble, or create echoes, etc., for your sound.

Updated date: 11/09/2013

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