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BlazingTools Perfect Keylogger Lite is a lightweight but powerful spyware to monitor and log all activities of users on the computer. This is the compact version of Perfect Keylogger developed by Blazing Tools but it still remains all the must-have features.

BlazingTools Perfect Keylogger Lite enables you to monitor, log and report all the activities on the computer such as entering the text, accessing websites, signing in email, chatting with friends, saving password, etc. without detected by computer users.

You can register your email to receive the synthesis reports from BlazingTools Perfect Keylogger Lite.  The tool will automatically send the reports with all the information about activities on your computer, even the point of time.  You can view and delete the report any time that you want.

BlazingTools Perfect Keylogger Lite is really an outstanding tool compared to other tools of the same function because it is invisible even to the firewall. You can install, remove, and update the software freely. Particularly, the tool will never appear in the Task Manager list.  Therefore, it is very useful to spy your children without being deteted.

You can set up the software to start with the operating system.  BlazingTools Perfect Keylogger Lite can work invisibly in the system. In addition, BlazingTools Perfect Keylogger Lite has an intuitive, friendly and easy-to-use interface. It occupies littlr resources of the system but reaches the much higher efficiency than other software of the same function. BlazingTools Perfect Keylogger Lite also supports translating the report to 20 different languages, so it is widely used all over the world.

However, BlazingTools Perfect Keylogger Lite is different from the previous version as it integrates advertisement (you can disable this function) and does not update automatically.  Therefore, you will track the information on the homepage of the software regularly.

Main features of BlazingTools Perfect Keylogger Lite:

- Monitor intuitively the computer's activities:

Today, using computer to surf web or access other activities on the internet is familiar to every one, even small children.  Parents often worry that beside using the computer for studying, whether their children do other stuffs with it or not because there are too many dangers from the internet.  BlazingTools Perfect Keylogger Lite is developed to help you monitor the activities of your children on the computer. Particularly, all the activities on the computer will be logged and sent to your registered email.

- Synthesize and send reports via email:

BlazingTools Perfect Keylogger Lite can log the use of the computer, then synthesize and report to users all activities with the computer such as typing, accessing websites, email transaction, chatting with friends, hotkeys, password, texts, applications, etc.

- Send notification in schedule:

The software also allows users to set the time to send the logged contents with the sufficient information about the time and activities on the computer All the reports can be viewed or removed any time.

- Detect unauthorized access:

The tool is also remarkably useful as it can detect unauthorized access to your internet, particularly when you are out.  You just have to install the software to your computer, you will know all the activities of other users on your computer.

- Log the hotkey, password, and other hidden text:

BlazingTools Perfect Keylogger Lite also supports translating the report to 20 different languages, so it is widely used all over the world. Particularly, the tool is not detected by the firewall, so it can hide in the system without being detected and removed by other people.

- Automatically start with windows:

You can set up the software to start with the Windows operating system. Especially, BlazingTools Perfect Keylogger Lite can be minimized to the icon working under the taskbar to avoid being detected by other users. Whenever you open the computer, this program will be ready to work and log all the manipulations and the use of your computer.

Updated date: 07/15/2014

Free Download Perfect Keylogger Lite

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