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Tony Nguyen

Photocopier is a program that supports users with original features to quickly make scanners to photocopiers for working more efficiently.

Photocopier allows users to set up for copies of documents in the scanner such as: scan option, zoom ratio, brightness, number of scans, etc. In addition, the software also provides the brightness mode with 7 different levels and scan modes. With this tool, you can adjust your documents to make copies as needed.

Also, Photocopier allows you to adjust the number of copies of documents up to 99 to serve your work better.

The other advantage of Photocopier is not showing the setup wizard, but all features are already set up for using effectively, avoid problems during the operation.

Photocopier’s main features:

-    Support scanning documents
-    Allow adjustment scan mode and brightness with 3 different modes and 7 different brightness levels, zoom ratio, etc.
-    Support the number of copies up to 99
-    Does not support display the setup wizard to avoid problems

Updated date: 11/15/2013

Free Download Photocopier

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