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Kevin Pham

Picrap is a useful tool to help you search famous films and TV shows. This is the only website that offers you full entertainment programs. Film schedules, latest information, etc. of the films will also be found here.

You are the person who loves famous films which are broadcast every day on such channels as HBO, StarMovie, AXN, Cinemax, etc. but you do not have time to sit down and watch the entire films. Picrap will be the effective solution for you as it allows you to watch the entire famous films that you missed.

Picrap provides the best information to watch a film on TV or just watch films for hours. At present, there are over 1000 content on Picrap which can serve the demands of users to search information about famous films.

When you access to the homepage of Picrap, you can easily see the list of main folders including TV shows, documentary films, cartoons, TV series, film schedules, and related information, etc. In order to know what film will be broadcast today, click on Tonight frame of the Website (normally, it takes about 1 week for these films to be broadcast in Vietnam because they need to be censored by the television editors to cut the sensitive scenes which are unsuitable with the traditions and customs of Vietnam).

To preview the content of these films, click on link Recently Aired Episodes. The most viewed films will be displayed on Top TV Shows.

To search all episodes or review the missed ones, go to Movies In Theaters and click to review.

Every month, Picrap will update TV channels which broadcast the latest films and you can preview the Trailers in Coming Soon. Another plus point of Picrap is that it is very easy and fast to download films to the computer.

Main features of Picrap:

- Update continuously film list and related information.

- Offer all famous TV channels such as HBO, AXN, StarMovie, etc.

- Be easy and simple to download films to the computer.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

Free Download Picrap
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