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Plugin Google Earth is the utility integrated into Google which allows users to learn about places in the world through animated 3D images on the web browser.

Plugin Google Earth allows you to view satellite images, provides users with a huge archive of 3D images, for example, construction works, ocean, sky, forest, wonders of the world, regions having the natural disasters, etc., even images on the moon and Mars. You can also see the location of petrol stations, restaurants, museums and other public sites in your living place.

Plugin Google Earth integrates search tools with Google`s technology so that users can come to every address in the world. The flexible view function allows you to view places, scenes, streets, etc. from all angles.

Plugin Google Earth can display all images overlaid on the surface of the earth and it is also a web map service client for people in demand. It supports for managing three-dimensional Geospatial data and teaching geology at schools.

Key features of Plugin Google Earth:

- Allow seeing the satellite map on Google
- Display images of locations in 3D form.
- Search addresses quickly
- Provide the web map service
- Be compatible with lots of browsers.


Updated date: 07/03/2014

Free Download Plugin Google Earth
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